Wisdom Asks — What is the Cost?

A sign of wisdom is when someone asks themselves the question, “What is the cost?” A good general question would be, “What is the cost to society?” It becomes more personal when the question is, “What will be the cost for me now; what will be the cost to my future?” Believe it or not this is health related. Everything… Read more »

The Four Voices Within that Help/Harm our Decision Making Process

I believe that education should include selected readings from the great classic writers, who were a part of the evolution of thought that developed our Western Civilization — Shakespeare, Dante’s inferno, Aristotle’s Ethic’s, and Solomans’ Book of Proverbs. I particularly liked Proverbs, where the reader becomes acquainted with 4 characters — the simple ones (naive), the Fool, the Scorner (mocker)… Read more »

4 Reasons to Teach Effective Ways to Say NO

An effective NO means — the person you are saying NO to hears the spoken information and responds respectfully. Knowing how to successfully say NO, while letting others know where your boundaries are is an important skill set. (Boundaries are rules people have for themselves that are reasonable and permissible ways for other people to behave around them). It is a… Read more »

Self-Image — Who is the Real You? Part 2

  I highly recommend people have an opportunity to take a personality styles test. In our previous blog post on “Personality Styles – Which one are you?” we included links for a number of the most common. There are a variety of tests and most are based on a person selecting words or phrases that best describe themselves. For class… Read more »

Personality Styles — Who Am I?

Personality Styles lessons are a great way of following up a Goals or Good Intentions unit.  Everyone loves to figure out  — “Who Am I?”   (Once people begin to develop goals and recognize the difference between a goal and a good intention, they then need to understand themselves better) A lot of people struggle with “Who Am I and I wish I… Read more »

4 Reasons why a Goals or Good Intentions Unit is the perfect way to begin Health class

You have to grab a student’s attention before they will pay attention. Make everything about them: their future their dreams their hopes and desires.      I use a Future Me activity which develops a student’s self-awareness about 5 of the most important areas of their future. Students have an option to select from great to disastrous ideas for what they want… Read more »

Why I Do Not Teach a Health Triangle Unit

Since Health textbooks start out with the Concept of the Health Triangle (Physical, Mental, and Social Health), many health teachers begin health class teaching this concept. Most teachers have students read the chapter in the book, answer the questions and do an art activity involving the triangle. The art activity was meant to incorporate the concepts that each side of… Read more »

The Wisdom of Experience –A Cute Marriage Story

I love to tell this story to illustrate how people of different ages relate to the same thing. A six-year old boy told his father he wanted to marry the little girl across the street. Being modern and well-schooled in handling children, he hid his smile behind his hand and with a serious look on his face exclaimed, “That’s a… Read more »

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