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Q/A: Why Don’t We Learn From Other’s Mistakes?

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A:   Why don’t we learn from others’ mistakes?  Teacher Answer:  (Could it be, we know there are consequences.  We may even see the consequences.  Wisdom whispers, “that can happen to you”.   NAH Q/A:  If people learned from others’ mistakes…….life would be easier. T  F        Explain your answer. TEACHER NOTE: A great […]

The Wisdom of Experience –A Cute Marriage Story

I love to tell this story to illustrate how people of different ages relate to the same thing. A six-year old boy told his father he wanted to marry the little girl across the street. Being modern and well-schooled in handling children, he hid his smile behind his hand and with a serious look on his face exclaimed, “That’s a serious step,” “Have you thought it out completely.” “Yes, his young son answered. “We can spend one week in my […]

Q/A: If You Care About Your Virtue ,………….

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A:  If you care about your virtue, there are places you shouldn’t go, there are situations you shouldn’t put yourself into and there are people you shouldn’t be alone with or seen with.    True or False      Explain your reasoning. TEACHER NOTE: You know your students.  I’m thinking this is a high school health […]

Q/A: Are you the person, the person you are looking for is looking for?

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A: We need healthy relationships with other people.  So, we naturally look for friends.  Whether you are the new person at school, in the neighborhood, or at a job,  you are looking for a friend.  So, what characteristics or type of person will you be looking for or attracted to?  the good looking person the popular […]

Q/A: Do You Have Expectations? Are They Hurting You?

Whether we realize it or not, we all have expectations.  Expectations are strong beliefs that something will happen and when it happens, it will look, feel like ……….. fill in the blank. Expectations are not goals.  Goals are something we think about and when we are serious about them, we write them down.   Expectations: are usually not communicated via thoughts to myself or to others because they are assumed (as in I/he/she/they should have known, behaved better, done better, […]

Q/A:  Why is Saying “Please” Before Issuing a Directive Important? 

We know who our authority figures are.  They are the very people, we know and they know, we have to obey.  When the authority figure says “please” while issuing a directive, it’s more than being polite, thoughtful or courteous.  It preserves the dignity of those in the inferior position, enabling them to feel they are partners, not just a person/servant to be used.

Q/A: Are You Jealous? You Decide!

  Here is an activity where you can pose this simple question to your students the first few minutes of Health Class. Project this on the board or give your students a copy. Ask your students to consider if they ever think these thoughts or have acted them out. Jealousy is a health issue. It leads to unhappy, depressed and lonely people. This information can lead to a discussion if they see evidence of it at school, at home, in […]

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate; That is the Question.

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A:  How many of you have had your flu shot this year?    Teacher Response.  This is called self-reporting.  Some people are not comfortable self-reporting anything. Keep this in mind when you see any poll about any subject. People aren’t necessarily telling the truth or answering the question.  For some people, vaccination is a controversial subject […]

Dread Calling Parents??? Try This!

For a long time, I dreaded calling parents because I knew the calls upset the parents. I felt awkward in a dynamic where the parent was embarrassed and many times defensive. I dreaded those calls: when you don’t have good news for a parent, the calls just don’t feel very good. This changed when I became familiar with a concept —- you only have authority if you are under authority. That became the key to positive calls. Most of a teacher’s […]

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