Q/A: Which is More Dangerous, Anger or Contempt?  Explain Your Answer.

Anger can engage and contempt can separate. So, what is more dangerous, anger or contempt?
I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A:  What’s the difference between I HAVE TO and I GET TO? Make a short list of your I HAVE TO s    and a list of your  I GET TO s Q/A:   What I HAVE TO or  I GET TO  do you enjoy the most?    Explain Why. Q/A:  What would it take in […]

Q/A Why Are These Words Wise?

This could also be an end of health class evaluation where your students take a good look at themselves. OR I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here are examples:  1. The best kind of friend is the comfortable kind—the no-fuss, be yourself, take you at face value kind—the listen to you, laugh with you, celebrate the small stuff with you and help you keep things in […]

Life is a Choice — Weekly Thoughts to Share

Life is a Choice — Here is a selction of 5 minute activities where students copy the advice and compose two to three sentences why they agree or disagree (just pick a thought for the day). 1. No is a complicated word. “No” can mean “No”. Sometimes “No” means “Not yet”. Sometimes “No” means “Too soon”. Sometimes “No” means “Keep trying and / or Maybe Yes”. No is a complicated word. 2. People can’t control what they get in life […]

Q/A: You Should Act Happy Even When You Are Not

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A: You Should Act Happy Even When You Don’t Feel Like It? Have student write a short paragraph where they agree or disagree with the idea. Yes, I think I should act happy even when I don’t feel like it because….. No, I don’t think I should act happy when I don’t feel like it because…… […]

The Wisdom of Experience –A Cute Marriage Story

I love to tell this story to illustrate how people of different ages relate to the same thing. A six-year old boy told his father he wanted to marry the little girl across the street. Being modern and well-schooled in handling children, he hid his smile behind his hand and with a serious look on his face exclaimed, “That’s a serious step,” “Have you thought it out completely.” “Yes, his young son answered. “We can spend one week in my […]

Q/A: If You Care About Your Virtue ,………….

I like to begin class with a Q/A.   A Q/A is a question or an idea to be explored. Here is an example: Q/A:  If you care about your virtue, there are places you shouldn’t go, there are situations you shouldn’t put yourself into and there are people you shouldn’t be alone with or seen with.    True or False      Explain your reasoning. TEACHER NOTE: You know your students.  I’m thinking this is a high school health […]

Q/A: Do You Have Expectations? Are They Hurting You?

Whether we realize it or not, we all have expectations.  Expectations are strong beliefs that something will happen and when it happens, it will look, feel like ……….. fill in the blank. Expectations are not goals.  Goals are something we think about and when we are serious about them, we write them down.   Expectations: are usually not communicated via thoughts to myself or to others because they are assumed (as in I/he/she/they should have known, behaved better, done better, […]

Q/A: Are You Jealous? You Decide!

  Here is an activity where you can pose this simple question to your students the first few minutes of Health Class. Project this on the board or give your students a copy. Ask your students to consider if they ever think these thoughts or have acted them out. Jealousy is a health issue. It leads to unhappy, depressed and lonely people. This information can lead to a discussion if they see evidence of it at school, at home, in […]

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