What Do You Mean, I’m Teaching Health This Year??



This is the first unit for my health class and provides a basis that students work from throughout the rest of the term. Nothing is more interesting to a teenager than themselves. Therefore my health term is all about them — what they want for themselves now and in the future. Each topic addressed during the term, ultimately comes back to their goals. What is the student doing today to get closer to their personal goals. In Lesson 1, students pick from a list of future outcomes in Health, Education, Career, Family, Future Mate and Financial areas. The selections offer options from great to horrible. Students are allowed to pick what they want for themselves. In Lesson 2, students begin to address the disconnect between their stated desires (goal) and the reality in their life. Students engage in an activity, where they look at a selected goal and a specific action taken. Students will need to determine whether the specified action will lead them to their selected goal. If the student observes that the current actions will/can not lead to the desired result they will have the opportunity to determine a better course of action. The Lesson 2 worksheet helps prepare them for Lesson 3. In Lesson 3, students begin the process of determining the daily steps necessary to achieve their selected goal. They will then identify the character traits needed in order to successfully accomplish the selected goal. This is a process that students can then take to address any future goals they may wish to accomplish.

1. Goals or good intentions Unit Overview
2. Lesson Plan 1 — Goals or good intentions
3. Future Me worksheet (PINK SHEET – used throughout the term in multiple units)
4. Lesson 2 Teach Notes — Goals or good intentions — resource information
5. Lesson Plan 2 — Goals or good intentions
6. Lesson 2 Worksheet — Goals or good intentions
7. Lesson Plan 3 — Goals or Good Intentions
8. Lesson 3 Worksheet Examples –My Future Mate samples of correct responses
9. Lesson 3 Worksheet Examples — Health Goals samples of correct responses
10. Student Work Assignment – Quotes on Goal Setting Assignment

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