When you do not achieve your goals are you giving up on your dreams?

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The headline on the front of the Marietta Journal* sports section in big letters: League Suspends Waller for Season. Followed by, Former North Cobb standout fails second drug test this year. Then the article begins, “Baltimore Ravens tight end Darren Waller was suspended without pay for at least one year for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. It is the second time the former North Cobb High School standout has been suspended by the NFL for substance abuse. He missed Baltimore’s first four games last season.”

Darren’s position was tight-end and he was expected to get a lot of playing time this season which translates into, he could have made some big money while fulfilling his childhood dream.

I look for stories like this, to use on the second day of my Goals or Good Intentions Unit. After I read an article like this, I look at my students and ask them, “How does someone allow this to happen?”
What convinced Darren that this drug was more important than what he had been working toward since childhood?

The second day is devoted to how / why people go 180 degrees away from their hopes and dreams / goals (with an application of knowledge activity*).

It’s very simple — What you believe about your future determines whether or not you get there. If you truly believe in your goal, you focus your time, energy, relationships, and finances toward accomplishing your goal. You have a worth-it calculator going on in your head at all times that calculates, Is this going to get me closer to my goal or move me away from my goal? If it isn’t getting me closer, it is NOT WORTH IT. If you believe you can misbehave and still manage outcomes, you don’t have a goal anymore, you have a Good Intention. People with Good Intentions slip and slide away from their goals (what they say they want the most, but are not willing to sacrifice for it). What we believe does impact how we behave.

Darren took his eyes off the big picture — starting tight-end for the Raven’s — and focused his eyes on one thing. This particular thing was a drug / or drugs in general. This is what happens to people. This is how temptation works. It pulls us away from what, at one time, you wanted the most. For Darren, it was a drug or drugs in general. It will be interesting to see if the NFL will be interested in giving him another chance.

But, life goes on for the Ravens because there are several players to fill the position Darren Waller took his eyes off of. Crockett Gillmore, Benjamin Watson, Maxx Williams, Nick Boyle and Ryan Malleck still remain on the roster and will battle it out for the starting position come late July 2017.

Comment to your class: Reflect on this for a moment — what are you doing today that can rob you of your future of goals of education, occupation, relationships, health, financial security, etc..


* Marietta Journal article is similar to:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/06/30/ravens-tight-end-waller-suspended-by-nfl-for-1-year/103330228/

* The Goals or Good Intentions worksheet allows students to practice determining:

1. Whether a goal is a real goal or just a good intention.
2. Whether the path chosen toward that goal will help a person accomplish their goal (destination).
3. Predict where a path will lead toward my goal or away from my goal.
4. If necessary, write a better path.

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that a path leads to destination, not only in geography but in all areas of life — Education, dating, career, family relationships, finances, etc..


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