Cursive is Back—- A Public Service Announcement


Cursive Disciplines Your Mind!

I remember when it was decided by the WIZARDS OF SMART, that kids didn’t need to learn to write in cursive.  It was a waste of class time for students and teachers.  Cursive writing was passé, old fashioned, behind the times old school.  Computers are new, modern and cool. Last but not least, common core education standards that guide many states’ curriculum policies don’t emphasize it.

 TEACHERS:  But, But, But,…kids need to learn to write cursive because:

  • Your signature is in cursive.  Look at the documents you sign.  There is a place to print your name and a place for your signature.
  • If you don’t learn cursive, you won’t be able to read historical documents like diaries, original historical documents.  Cursive will be like a foreign language.
  • These kids will have to take notes in middle and high school.  Studies tell us, you remember more if you physically write something down. Before you wrote it, you decided it was important information that you would need later for__________________

WIZARDS OF SMART: the train is leaving the station, get on board.

TEACHERSI’m ssooooo tired of hearing about that dumb train.  

The years went by and guess what?  This generation of students who didn’t learn to write cursive are now in college AND their college professors just HATE, HATE, HATE looking out over a sea of laptops wondering if these kids are: 

  • typing class notes, on Facebook, on Instagram, emailing mom, ordering whatever on Amazon………..
  • synthesizing class information or just transcribing words.

The academic world pushes NEW and therefore BETTER ideas down on school districts who in turn push them down on teachers and their students (who are the ones who pay for this foolishness).  What goes around comes around, the college academic world does not like what some Educational Academics started all those years ago.  You are going to love this quote, “I got really tired of seeing them out there on their laptops and doing something other than paying attention to ME.” (Carol Holstead, a University of Kansas Associate Journalism professor)1  Every teacher who reads this will say DDDDAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.   

In conclusion, professors are now banning laptops and declaring their classes are a tech free zone.  Some are even writing articles about why they are banning laptops, which inspires other professors to do the same. And of course, being in ACADEMIA one must site studies demonstrating those who type notes retain less than those who write notes.

Students are complaining that all this writing is hurting their hands.

And all those little old school teachers who were referred to as:  OLD SCHOOL because they believed teaching cursive was an important discipline for children to learn are quietly humming the words, “TOLD YOU SO”.  When you hum, you get allll the satisfaction without any of the blowback.

For fun google, Jeanne Robertson,  Learning Cursive…or+not#id=1&vid=efcf881c6951b64d6905791e5a138165&action=click

1 Wall Street Journal.  I’d Be an A Student if I Could Just Read My Notes.



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