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You’ll Always Know Who Loves You by the Way You are Treated.

Long before I teach the Human Growth and Development unit (Sex-Ed), I have the students write/explain: What LOVE is? What does love look like? How do you know someone loves you? How do you show love? The students talk about feelings. It’s rare when they initially talk about sacrificing for someone else. You sacrifice for what/who you love. This is… Read more »

The Difference Between Men and Women

The units taught before Sex Ed are The Difference Between Men and Women and What is Love. As a result of the sexual harassment events dominating the news lately and the resulting #MeToo movement, these topics need to be included in our curriculum to facilitate good decision making for our students. Boys and Girls are physically different. I’m talking body… Read more »

Do You Teach Your Students What to Think or How to Think?

Human Growth and Development (Sex Ed) is the last unit of the quarter. Before I get there, I want my students to view this unit in context of their future hopes and dreams because ultimately that is where our emotions lie. I have never experienced a student who wrote down low, negative or horrible hopes and dreams. Their dreams are… Read more »

17 Things People Who Were Raised Right Always Do

  I read a great article, 17 Things People Who Were Raised Right Always Do. I thought what a great activity for our students.    I’ve rewritten it by making it specific to each student in terms of “You do. . . . .”   It gives each student an opportunity to determine if they meet the criteria.  If they… Read more »

Are You a Victim? You Might Be a Victim If….

You Might Be a Redneck If … has been a comedic routine made famous by Jeff Foxworthy since 1992 and it still works today because “Being a Redneck is not a Southern thing”.  There is a little bit of redneck in all of us because, if we haven’t done it, we thought of doing it or we know someone who… Read more »

Active Shooter Situation — What Should Teachers Do?

There was another Active Shooter Situation, this time in Florida — A recent survey showed that about 50% of teachers do not know what to do. Read below from a training session with my local police on the best steps for teachers and students. This article is a summary of a Police seminar on an active shooter situation and focuses… Read more »

The Best Yes vs. Techniques of NO

I have taught students / people the Techniques of saying NO for years. This really is an art form. Things need to be considered when saying NO, especially to an adult, parent, boss, and of course friends. If you don’t know the tricks you can get yourself into lots of trouble or a big mess. When it comes to one’s… Read more »

Is There a Problem Between Human Nature and Truth?

There are predictable reactions people have when presented with TRUTH: They get very angry at the provider of that TRUTH and either marginalize, persecute and / or eliminate the provider. They choose to deny that TRUTH and / or delay the TRUTH from becoming an accepted norm and thus change behaviors. They chose to investigate the presented TRUTH to see… Read more »

The Educational Uses of a Story — Get Great Results

The Stanford Rape case is an all-purpose resource for teaching health because it is a relatable story that elicits emotions.  Since the victim’s 12 page letter was published on social media, the Stanford rape story has exploded.  It is the national story that is in the news, talked about on talk radio / daytime TV and within families.  Everyone has… Read more »

Fear of Change and Why it is So Damaging

“The key to change … Is to let go of Fear” — By Rosanne Cash Why people don’t change their life?  They don’t like what they are doing, they are not satisfied with the people they hang with, don’t like the boss in their life.  So, why don’t they DO something to make a change in their life?  It is… Read more »