You Have One Life — An Activity to Grab Your Student’s Attention

  This is an activity that can be used before or after a Goals or Good Intentions or a Decision Making Unit. It is a visual of what has been/will be talked about and worked on. We have hopes and dreams for our future. We also have this one life to enjoy. We live in a time where there is opportunity to accomplish almost anything we want if we use our time and abilities wisely. This is where decision making […]

What Health Skills Every Middle School Student Needs to Possess Before High School

This is a list of basic skills students should acquire before moving up to High School.  Some are basic and some you might want to consider as new ideas.  Your middle school student must be able to wake themselves up to an alarm clock       without a parent’s help. Once kids are in middle school it is their responsibility, to get themselves up and ready      for school without the help of their parent(s).   Ready for school consists of:  the student packing […]

Goal Setting: It’s The DOING That Matters

  Somewhere sometime during school, many students are introduced to the concept of goal setting.  I was never told about Goal Setting but somehow when I was 12 I decided 4 things.  I would become a Physical Education Teacher:  I could play games all day with kids and wear shorts, a sleeveless blouse and tennis shoes to work instead of a dress, girdle, stockings and high heels.  I also would be able to drive to work in a convertible sports […]

Time Management — Goal Setting

Time Management is the best indicator of the seriousness of any goals.  It is how you spend your time, not what you say to others or propose yourself. Most people’s goals are really just good intentions, we / they just don’t know it, as we travel through the various stages of life — teen years, 20’s, 30’s etc. If you are a graduate of high school with a reading / math level of 8th grade, your goal of going to college […]

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