It Matters What Children See and Hear

It matters what children see and hear. They breathe it in like air and will model it before your eyes. Their models are their parents and family members — we know what we know from our families. We inadvertently do what they do without even knowing it until someone points it out. My daughter sent me a video of my 11 month old grandchild. She was “reading a book.” She knew just what to do with a book. You sit […]

Will Your Wants Drive You to the Path of Your Hopes and Dreams?

The trick in teaching is give students just enough information to do an activity. Where they have to apply knowledge to a situation they / friend / or stranger will likely experience.    Their job is to figure out —  a)     What is the wise thing to do? b)     What did I learn from this………………? In other words, the student internalizes the experience / problem / situation and because they are not emotionally involved they come up with an answer as […]
Rejection is an Important Element in Decision Making

Rejection is an Important Element in Decision Making

Rejection is an important (often unspoken) element in Decision Making. Sometimes it’s you who rejects something or someone and sometimes someone else does the rejecting, you don’t fit their style. We don’t like rejection; it snatches away our comfortable zone.   Without people realizing it, we select / reject people and things all the time.  Rejections are based on our likes / dislikes, biases, goals, current cultural norms and assumptions until something or someone catches our interest. Selection / Rejection is […]

Apologies Matter — How to Apologize

Apologies matter and here are five reasons why we should teach children how to correctly apologize to peers, adults, and / or friends:  1.  It is a social skill required to maintain relationships with peers, relatives, bosses and a spouse. 2.  Apologies are difficult because: They require humility and recognizing how poorly behaved and hurtful you were. They require sincerity as in you really mean you are sorry. They require someone forgiving you — which is hard because you caused […]

Relationships – They Begin in Your Family

Relationships — everything you know you learn in your family. It matters what parents model; it matters what children see. Children learn through observing their family’s sense of right / wrong, ethics, what is good / bad and permissible.   Children either repeat what they see or do the opposite.   I tell my students, “in a few years you will leave your family and begin a home of your own where you make the rules.” One of the most fascinating books […]

Let’s Make a Movie — The Story that Persuades

I always ended my Health class with a Unit in Human Growth and Development (Sex Ed). The culminating activity was a student created and produced a movie using Apple’s Garage Band or Microsoft’s Movie Maker. Students had a choice of 7 Nightmare stories with 6 to 7 scenes. I titled the stories Nightmares for a reason; not only were they kids’ nightmares, but they are every parent’s nightmare as well. As the students wrote their script for the movie (a […]

The Vision Thing!! — Goal Setting

What a sort of Vision could an imaginative child have about the important areas of his future?  Let’s take a look at a possibility: A six-year old boy told his father he wanted to marry the little girl across the street. Being modern and well-schooled in handling children, he hid his smile behind his hand and with a serious look on his face exclaimed, “That’s a serious step,” “Have you thought it out completely?” “Yes, his young son answered. “We […]

Sex and the Single Girl

SEX and the Single Girl Years ago our Sunday School teacher related a personal story in regards to his 22 year old daughter and asked for prayers. She had fallen in love, and did what many young people do when they convince themselves they are in love. She had a sexual relationship with the young man. She unexpectedly became pregnant; since they were in love, she thought they’d get married, then hoped they’d get married, and then watched him marry […]

A Family Tree (Genogram) Project

One of the best, most relevant projects that made the most difference for my students was entirely accidental. During a conversation with a military counselor (Dr. New), I learned the way he helped his client’s work their way thru their problems was by completing and discussing a Genogram (Family Tree) of several generations. The purpose was for the client to identify family patterns and attitudes. He told me, “everything you know you learn in your family — your sense of […]

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