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SMOKING/”VAPING” in the Boys Room – 5 minute Activity

Health Class curriculum was developed as prevention education to drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.) and premarital sex (prevention of STD’s and unwed mothers). It was/is a sort of if you do this, you will get that type of curriculum. My generation didn’t have health class, we had parents, the two-parent variety that had an appreciation for DON’T DO’s and common… Read more »

When you do not achieve your goals are you giving up on your dreams?

Hot Air Balloons Flying Away

The headline on the front of the Marietta Journal* sports section in big letters: League Suspends Waller for Season. Followed by, Former North Cobb standout fails second drug test this year. Then the article begins, “Baltimore Ravens tight end Darren Waller was suspended without pay for at least one year for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. It is the… Read more »

How to use a Drug Unit to Challenge Student World Views

                There is always a Drug Unit in Health class because there are a percentage of students: ·       who already do drugs ·       who are curious and are open to experimenting if / when the right opportunity comes up ·       have older family members who use and / or deal drugs ·       will… Read more »

Need help when you teach about Addiction– here are 2 great resources

Normally during the teaching of a Drug Unit a teacher: Provides basic facts in regard to immediate, short term, long term effects of drug(s).  The goal is to convince the students — this is not good for you. Provides an opportunity for a cost / benefit analysis — look at your goals; is experimenting with drugs worth messing with your… Read more »

Stanford Rape Case — What We Need to Teach Our Kids / Students

The Stanford Rape Case is another opportunity to teach our students (of all ages) that the world can be an unfair and dangerous place.  Because of western civilization, middle class lives, prosperous suburbs and gated communities many of our students haven’t come in contact with the consequences for their poor choices and / or thieves. Thieves are people who earn their… Read more »

Marijuana Student Activity Worksheet

  The best activities for students in Health class include those applying basic facts to solve real life problems. I love advice columns. They include a short story (120 words or less) provided by regular people describing a problem they need help solving. If they knew the answer, they wouldn’t be writing to get advice from a so called expert…. Read more »

Free People — Why We Teach Drug Units in Health Class. Part 3

There is always a drug unit in a Health class. Why, you might ask? There are a certain percentage of students who do drugs. Why? For some, doing drugs is fun, especially with friends. How cool is that?   Most parents don’t like that; it messes with their future plans for their children — good grades, good college, good professional job,… Read more »