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My focus in teaching Health class is to help students to develop a Healthy Mind which will help them to focus on their personal decision-making abilities. Until a person THINKS and FEELS about themselves the way they should, he/she may make poor decisions that may cost them their future. I want to make Health class about the student’s hopes and dreams. I have been able to design work that has meaning to students by focusing on their personal goals, dreams, and life expectations. The Healthy Mind Curriculum has been developed from personal experiences of actively engaging students in Health-related studies.

Before I taught health, I was an Elementary School PE teacher. We had a very successful program which won the best Elementary PE program Award in our state. One of our student teachers, using the principles learned at our school went to another school district and won the same award. It’s not hard to engage students in PE, just keep them moving and on a task they enjoy.

It took me awhile to figure out how to get the same engagement when I became a health teacher. Health was an academic class with a textbook — that meant reading, writing and answering questions. My desire for my health students was for them to want to come to class, enjoy the class, go home and talk about my class. Overtime, I learned two concepts:

  1. Make health about the student’s hopes and dreams and
  2. Until a person THINKS and FEELS about themselves the way they should, he/she may make poor decisions that may cost them their future.

When I combined the two, I was able to design work that had meaning for them. I used my health curricula to teach students to focus on their goals. For every subject in health (nutrition, substance abuse, personality styles, decision making, Sex Ed., etc.), students return to their written goals and are asked how this information will guide them toward their goals. Every lesson and activity has been designed to engage the student toward what they want, their values and needs. I want them to calculate personal costs and decide ahead of time whether a temptation/attraction is worth the potential consequences. If you are not walking toward your goals, those goals are only good intentions.

Students find my lessons very practical and relevant to their lives. Their parents have told me that they bring home the information to discuss the topics from class. My Health curriculum gives students an opportunity to reflect upon big ideas about themselves:

  • Who they want to become?
  • Just who am I?
  • What makes me likable/unlikeable?
  • Why I act the way I do?
  • Why am I confident with some people and shy with others?
  • What kind of decision maker am I?

My intention for this blog is to reach out to teachers, parents, counselors, businesses, mentors etc. I want to share unique ideas people (not just students) should be learning. I would like readers to be able to comment and create interaction on the web. I invite readers to subscribe, so they you will receive notification when new items are posted.

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