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Do you know what to do about Sex Texting?

What is Sex Texting?

  What is Sexting? There was a front page (that continued to the entire back page) article in the local paper today (April 27, 2017). The local police are going to middle and high schools to explain social media consequences in hopes of preventing future cases of cyberbullying and child pornography. Did you know, one in five teenagers is sending… Read more »

What does Justice have to do with Health Lessons?

Bill Cosby during Sexual Assault Trial -- Was Justice Served?

What does Justice have to do with Health Lessons?  My students could tell you because they knew about how sexual court cases are judged by people using common sense.  I knew and my students would have known the day Andrea Constand (Cosby’s accuser) testified in court, that she was not going to win her case. You need 12 jurors for… Read more »

How to Always Have Boyfriends! Women are Powerful!

Life was simpler when I was young. We knew boys / men were different than girls / women, each had their separate roles in life, the cultural and religious moral code was similar, so there were culturally agreed upon expectations and standards. We did not have a health class. I did see a video explaining the male and reproductive system… Read more »

Here Are Tested Ways to Teach Students More Than Simple Sex Ed

The Birds and the Bees

I enjoyed teaching what we called Human Growth and Development; other school districts referred to it as Sex Ed. We taught important factual information the students needed to know about STDs, Contraceptives, Refusal / No techniques and Basic Anatomy. I broaden my approach to take the students thru real life situations.   *1 Steps of Intimacy where they learn there are… Read more »

Sex Education is all About Choices — Know What They Are!!

Sex Education

It’s the last few weeks of the quarter / semester so it’s time to prepare students for Human Growth and Development (AKA Sex Education).   Therefore, I prepare the students for the Sex Education unit by using literature and music while teaching the following units: The Difference between Men and Women followed by the unit, What is Love? Steps of Intimacy… Read more »

Do you Know Either of these High School Girls?

Two High School Girls

The story of 2 High School Girls — Gertrude and Bertha, is a comparative story. Jackie Brewton used to illustrate the advantages of not having sex before marriage during my health class. By example, Jackie taught me the importance of stories in revealing a moral point without being over bearing. The listener relates / becomes the character in the story…. Read more »

Is There a Problem Between Human Nature and Truth?

There are predictable reactions people have when presented with TRUTH: They get very angry at the provider of that TRUTH and either marginalize, persecute and / or eliminate the provider. They choose to deny that TRUTH and / or delay the TRUTH from becoming an accepted norm and thus change behaviors. They chose to investigate the presented TRUTH to see… Read more »

Stanford Rape Case — What We Need to Teach Our Kids / Students

The Stanford Rape Case is another opportunity to teach our students (of all ages) that the world can be an unfair and dangerous place.  Because of western civilization, middle class lives, prosperous suburbs and gated communities many of our students haven’t come in contact with the consequences for their poor choices and / or thieves. Thieves are people who earn their… Read more »

The Educational Uses of a Story — Get Great Results

The Stanford Rape case is an all-purpose resource for teaching health because it is a relatable story that elicits emotions.  Since the victim’s 12 page letter was published on social media, the Stanford rape story has exploded.  It is the national story that is in the news, talked about on talk radio / daytime TV and within families.  Everyone has… Read more »

Just Say NO!

      No Comments on Just Say NO!

  “Just Say NO!,” was the slogan during the 80’s in regard to our country’s drug problems.  The slogan and the people who championed it were mocked as simplistic and naive.  Yet, being able to say No and being willing to walk away from culture’s current coolest, neatest temptation is very effective.  Over 30 years later, I’m telling teens today… Read more »

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