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What will you do for love? — I Hate Consequences!

Unsure Girl

As I read the article, Christian High School Doubles Down on Banning Pregnant Student from Graduation, I’m reminded of 3 topics of health curriculum • What Will You Do for love / acceptance? sex, drugs,. . . . . • Are short term pleasures worth the long term consequence • Establish boundaries or Guardrails* to protect future goals Maddi Runkles… Read more »

Will Your Wants Drive You to the Path of Your Hopes and Dreams?

The trick in teaching is give students just enough information to do an activity. Where they have to apply knowledge to a situation they / friend / or stranger will likely experience.    Their job is to figure out —  a)     What is the wise thing to do? b)     What did I learn from this………………? In other words, the student internalizes… Read more »

The Difference between Excellence and Perfection

Excellence isn’t about an IQ or ability, excellence simply means doing the very best you can with the abilities and resources you have available.  It’s about effort — keep on keeping on.  It’s about recognizing weaknesses and going thru a process to eliminate those weaknesses.  Perfection is an unattainable ideal. With effort and desire, excellence is achievable. In the midst… Read more »

Need help when you teach about Addiction– here are 2 great resources

Normally during the teaching of a Drug Unit a teacher: Provides basic facts in regard to immediate, short term, long term effects of drug(s).  The goal is to convince the students — this is not good for you. Provides an opportunity for a cost / benefit analysis — look at your goals; is experimenting with drugs worth messing with your… Read more »

What Health Skills Every Middle School Student Needs to Possess Before High School

This is a list of basic skills students should acquire before moving up to High School.  Some are basic and some you might want to consider as new ideas.  Your middle school student must be able to wake themselves up to an alarm clock       without a parent’s help. Once kids are in middle school it is their responsibility, to get… Read more »

Goal Setting: It’s The DOING That Matters

  Somewhere sometime during school, many students are introduced to the concept of goal setting.  I was never told about Goal Setting but somehow when I was 12 I decided 4 things.  I would become a Physical Education Teacher:  I could play games all day with kids and wear shorts, a sleeveless blouse and tennis shoes to work instead of… Read more »

The Goal: How a Genuine Apology Changes Behavior

The point of a genuine apology serves as the first step toward true behavior change.  A true apology leads you back to that person / persons you offended with the purpose of making things right. The process of making things right requires humility and expression of sorrow.    The sincerity of your apology is measured by the change in behavior;… Read more »

The Secret to an Effective Apology

I Apologize from the Bottom of my Heart

  It is important to a parent that their child has a good relationship with the students in their class and their teacher.  An important part of good relationships is cooperative and respectful behavior. Children have to become aware when they are not cooperative and/or disrespectful and how it affects others.  One of the best instructional methods to accomplish this… Read more »

How to Fundamentals of Successful Behavior Change

Changing Behavior

  Parents, Teachers, and School Systems all are looking for successful behavior changes in students.  Often a school discipline protocol is just that — a protocol for the teacher to follow to document student behavior.  These protocols are to demonstrate to parents and the administration that they are effective yet compassionate teachers who: communicate with parents don’t unfairly assign a… Read more »

How to Get Students More Focused In the Classroom

Get Students More Focused

In order to get students more focused in the classroom, engagement is the name of the education game.  To engage students, I make health class personal.   I worked in public schools, so my engagement strategy was to sandwich every health topic between the student’s family history (we tend to repeat family / my personal history) and the student’s goals (future… Read more »

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